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Celaton inSTREAM™


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Celaton (www.celaton.com)


Solution description:

Automating the inSTREAM

Celaton inSTREAM™ automates all the inbound information streams that flow into and through organisations every day. Unique to inSTREAM™ is its ability to learn which transforms the way that customer correspondence, financial, HR, legal and insurance documents (received by post, paper, email, fax, mobile and electronic data streams) are processed and delivers ‘Guaranteed Perfect Input’ into line of business systems.

Deployed on-site, on-demand or outsourced, we’re the only company that seamlessly blends inSTREAM technology and out-tasking to connect people, systems and processes anywhere.

With no capital outlay we guarantee a rapid return on investment and an average 74% reduction in transaction costs. Without the need to re-engineer your current processes, you’ll significantly increase operational efficiency and transform your business with tangible measurable results.



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