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Delivers the benefits of process automation to SMBs

Inconsistent and ad-hoc email-based processes creates a facade of false productivity and hides critical information essential for effective decision-making. Cavintek addresses these problems via cflow, a cloud-based workflow management software that helps our customers become more productive. cflow provides a simple way to automate business processes within companies. cflow helps SMBs transition from running their operations on spreadsheets to using business applications that help increase productivity and reduce costs. cflow reins in the complexity of data and process management that can quickly grow to exponential proportions and overwhelm SMBs.

A simple, yet powerful forms builder, rules engine, notification engine, along with a collaboration system and ability to attach files, forms the key feature set of cflow. In addition, modules for inventory management, purchase orders, invoice and accounting, HR, issue tracker and asset management are available as options. SMBs are constantly looking for process improvements and reducing overall operational costs. cflow provides automation solutions that are fully integrated, cost-effective, and customizable.


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