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Solving Standardization by Managing Process Variations

BPM efforts are designed to drive process consistency and standardization. This is tough to achieve, though, when individual business teams push for local control and process variations. The challenge of managing process variations is becoming more complicated. In today’s global … read more

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Fraunhofer Institute about BPM Suites (interview)

It has been just under 70 days since the Fraunhofer IESE’s BPM Analysis 2014 results were revealed, and we caught up with Dr Sebastian Adam – Head of Business Process Management Study at the Institute – for a few questions: JP: What was … read more

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The Two (data) Deadly Sins of Process Execution

This blog post first appeared on (June 30th 2014) — Are you ready to execute your processes? BPM architect Paul Grobler has two words of warning before you hit that ‘run’ button: You’ve spent a lot of time defining … read more

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5 Tips for Choosing the Right Process Management Software for Your Business

There are a number of business process management (BPM) software solutions to emerge in the last few years that help businesses automate, measure and improve their overall process management. But how do you know which BPM software is right for … read more

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BPMS – a Key to Effective Shared Services Center

Consolidation is more and more common in organizations with numerous subsidiaries scattered across cities, countries or even continents. The goal is to raise efficiency, lower costs and to get a better grip on business processes. While outsourcing is a one … read more

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