BPM Outlook: Gartner Outlines 2013 Trends

In this webcast, Janelle Hill, VP & Distinguished Analyst at Gartner, and Gregg Rock, Editor & Founder at BPMInstitute.org, share their perspective on the top BPM trends and opportunities for 2013.

Janelle will also share the results of a Gartner survey in which chief-level executives identified the approaches they are using to achieve their business objectives.

Learn how leading BPM teams are:

  • Moving beyond efficiency to effectiveness and innovation
  • Developing intelligent business operations
  • Leveraging Social BPM
  • Advancing BPM maturity to drive higher outcomes
  • Adopting Cloud business process services
  • Addressing organizational change in order to change behavior
  • Developing and mastering BPM skills
Gregg Rock will provide insight on how BPMInstitute.org’s Certificate and CBPMPSM Certification Programs is supporting the training and skills development needs of its individual and corporate members. Gregg provides an overview of the value of BPM certification, coverage areas included in the CBPMP exam, study materials and a list of the most recent CBPMPs.


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