BPM Leader Community Shows Steady Growth, Fulfills Needs For BPM Professionals

AMSTERDAM, 7 February 2012 – It’s been exactly two weeks since BPM Leader (www.bpmleader.com), the largest independent community for business process management (BPM) professionals worldwide, announced its global BPM expert network and community site. It has shown a steady growth in bloggers, visitors and social media outreach since then.

As Reint Jan Holterman, founder & publisher of BPM Leader, explains: “We have well exceeded our initial goals in terms of number of unique visitors and page views per week. But much more importantly, we were pleasantly surprised by so many new bloggers who signed up to participate! They have contributed significantly with their interesting and sometimes also thought-provoking views on BPM, Lean Six Sigma, Workflow Management and Business Process Outsourcing!”

Today, already more than 35 bloggers subscribed to the BPM Leader community. These bloggers have written about a variety of topics such as how to improve the BPM user experience, the difference between industry and service when it comes to Lean Six Sigma, first-hand BPM implementation experiences, business process outsourcing, and business rules and organizational integrity.

Reint Jan Holterman: “I am truly pleased to see so many bloggers actively participating in the BPM Leader community, writing about diverse topics covering the business process management domains. Moreover, I am very happy that also several well-known and widely respected bloggers decided to get involved in this BPM community initiative! To me, it proves that the BPM Leader community fulfills a need in the market, a point which is supported by the large number of returning visitors each day!”

Being a strictly independent platform, BPM Leader brings together over 8,000 BPM professionals, bloggers, industry experts, users, vendors, consultants and analysts, making it the largest independent BPM community for knowledge sharing in the world. BPM Leader covers the latest insights, ideas and best practices on Business Process Management, Workflow, Lean Six Sigma and related domains.

BPM Leader offers many free features, like blog (re)publishing, event listing, solution showcasing and group discussions, based on the latest social media technologies. BPM Leader offers its members to gather and to share ideas on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn. For the latter, BPM Leader partners with BPM Guru, one of the largest and most reputable LinkedIn groups for business process management.

Note: If you’re interested to become a blogger yourself, please read “Start blogging on BPM Leader“.

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