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ADONIS – make processes work


Would you like to…?

  • Improve collaboration between all stakeholders of your organisation.
  • Optimise and standardise processes.
  • Identify and improve value adding processes.
  • Minimise risks and help your organisation to comply with legal documentation requirements.
  • Involve all of your employees in the continuous improvement process.
  • Boost quality and customer satisfaction in a sustainable way.

…then ADONIS is the right tool for you!


ADONIS application areas:

  • Design & document: model intuitively and create transparency in a structured way. Map processes, products, IT and organisational units and understand their interdependencies.
  • Communicate: publish processes electronically, create working instructions and process handbooks.
  • Analyse: spot improvement potential in the processes and organisation.
  • Optimise: standardise, accelerate procedures, and reduce cycle times and costs using simulation.
  • Implement processes: successful implementation of processes, independent of the target system using proven, standardised interfaces.
  • Measure process performance: measure to control and manage effectively and improve process performance. Define indicators, mash up data from different systems and create dashboards.
  • Continuously improve: involve all employees and continuously improve processes using intuitive, mobile web portals.
  • Manage risks: create internal control systems, make them part of the organisation and improve them on an ongoing basis.



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