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Bizagi BPM Suite comprises of Process Modeler, Bizagi Studio and Bizagi Server.

The Bizagi Process Modeler, offered free, is an intuitive drag and drop application that can be used to define processes and generate documentation. Customers use Bizagi Studio to automate their processes, and turn their process models into executable applications. With Bizagi, users easily move from process modelling to execution, without needing technical knowledge, making this a seamless experience.

Because of the intuitive and powerful modelling environment offered by Bizagi, prospects can learn, test and try the system prior to approaching Bizagi. Business people often collaborate with IT at the early project stages, which shortens the development time. This is complemented by a comprehensive self-service program online that includes e-learning, training courses and videos, so the learning curve and adoption of the Bizagi software is significantly shortened.

By hiding away technical complexities and focusing on the process, we encourage customers to model early to bring IT & business together. Process layer is separated from data location by use of the virtualization technologies. Process maps remain readable, business people remain engaged. By having requirement reviews done around the process model, we enable an agile development methodology, which results in faster time to market.



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