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Solution description:

The new way of capturing processes with tablets end-to-end

Revolutionize your agile and mobile Business Process Management with an easy, powerful and fully touch-based multimedia process capturing software for tablets. A mind mapping tool for BPM especially designed for the project critical early phases in the BPM lifecycle (Requirements Capturing, Analysis and Design) – The first mile of BPM! Generate super-fast results without tool training and provide incredible business value for business and IT users. Explore the intuitive, beautiful and reduced-to-the-max capabilities of BPM Touch. Next generation BPM is easier than you might imagine.

BPM Touch® Capabilities:

  • 100% Touch-based Multimedia Modelling (tap & swipe).
  • Real World Process Capturing Features.
  • Speech-based Modelling and Task Enrichment.
  • Built-in BPM Touch project & process repository.
  • One-Click sharing of multimedia processes.
  • Integrated Update, Support and Plug-In Management.
  • Various Import/Export formats (e.g. BPMN XML, PowerPoint, Excel, Word)
  • Full compliance to BPMN 2.0 XML standard
  • Optional: Interfaces to BPM tool suites.

Various areas of application:

  • Process Blueprint Design
  • Enterprise Architecture Blueprint
  • Process Automation and Optimization Check
  • Training & Education
  • Outsourcing Decisions
  • Software Customization and Prototyping
  • Service/Product Sales
  • Process Harmonization and Standardization
  • Organisational Change Management
  • Lean BPM, IT & Manufacturing
  • Quality Management
  • Project Proposals

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