Tobias Rother

Tobias Rother

Tobias has more than 15 years of leadership in Process Mining, BPM and Advanced Analytics. He is Founder & CEO at Process Analytics Factory, a pioneering business process analytics practice and privately held Business Enterprise Company.

Process Analytics Factory leverages cutting-edge Process Mining technology to create high-definition process flowcharts, visualizations and insights from data. These images are among the most powerful diagnostic “as is” process models available and are particularly useful for process discovery, process assurance and in depth operational process diagnostics.

Process Analytics Factory offers Premium-, Premium Plus- and Self-Services to

1. Unlock Cash from Working Capital Processes
2. Release Value in processes through insights from data
3. Accelerate time to operational process improvement

Before Process Analytics Factory, Tobias co-founded ProcessGold. As CMO & EVP Global Sales at Pallas Athena (acquired by Perceptive Software), Tobias launched the first Process Mining Tool available for commercial use in 2008. He formed and started Software AGs global BPM business and is a former Managing Director of Staffware (acquired by Tibco).

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