I work at T-Impact, where I am responsible for client management and business development for our business transformation services and solutions. I’m passionate about change and believe we can help businesses improve the way they operate today and as a result help them save money, improve efficiency and increase customer value. Here are three reasons I love working at T-Impact:

1) We only do Process and BPM. We aren’t a ‘jack of all trades’ and really focus on what matters for our customers – delivering value wherever you are on the BPM journey.

2) We’re an execution-based consultancy. We work with our customers all the way through to benefits realisation to ensure transformation on a sustainable basis.

3) We bring ‘art’ and ‘engineering’. Delivering transformation is more than just deployment of technology and delivering the non-technical elements necessary to run a successful BPM project (the ‘art’) is a fundamental part of what we do.

If you have invested (or are considering investing) in the journey to Process Excellence, invite me to demonstrate how we have delivered sustainable transformation for the customer journey, enabled end-to-end compliance and reduced operating costs.

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