Peter Matthijssen

Peter Matthijssen

Peter Matthijssen is an engineer with a background in Industrial Engineering & Management. He works as a consultant and trainer at BiZZdesign, helping organizations with process management topics. In his work he aims at making organizations stronger, as well as developing it’s employees. BPM methods and techniques are supportive hereby. In the end it are the organizations, with their employees, that need to change to improve.

As a Lean Six Sigma black belt Peter helps organizations to develop and be successful in process improvement. Also Lean Six Sigma is not a goal, but a method. The techniques should fit the organization. Eventually they should deliver results for the organization and create enthousiasm by the staff.

Besides his work as a consultant, Peter provides several courses and trainings. He teaches at the University of Twente, TSM business school and Pro Eductation. Also he provides lectures at international conferences. Peter is author of several articles and the earlier published book ‘Quality improvement of processes’ [2006, Dutch]

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