Matt Heffron

Matthew Heffron

Mr. Heffron has been involved in more outsourcing deals than he can spontaneously enumerate, over more years than he cares to admit, and for more industry players and clients than he can easily remember. Suffice to say that he was doing ITO before it was cool, HRO and FAO as they struggled to become so, CRM long after, and worked with BPO since back when its hair was still long and only pretended to inhale.

Out of blatant disregard for the usual categorizations of title, he has performed as solutions architect, transition manager, process re-engineer, business analyst, systems designer, coder, videographer, graphic artist, proofreader, writer, cartoonist and all in the same role. He is currently labeled as Director of Integrated Solutions for Sutherland Global Services which reveals little in the way of what he actually does, but such is the way with titles.

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