Janne Ohtonen

Janne Ohtonen

Today’s business environment has completely changed in last few decades. Customers have become promiscuous and picky; they have wide range of options and organisations to choose from and the traditional, industrial- or information-age minded organisations are struggling to keep their heads above surface. I am here to help your organisation to move into the business model of 21st century and to be able to answer to the customer expectations that today’s people have. than can be achieved by using the latest methods such as Business Process Management – BPM,Customer Experience Management – CEM, Net Promoter Score – NPS and others. I have been able to give my customers double-digit performance improvement using these.

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The book gives you ideas on the topic of business process management and leadership for every week of the year. It is a unique combination of thought leadership and reflective questions that will stimulate you to improve your business and skills.


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With this book you will get ideas and tools on:
♦ How to become a better leader and improve social skills.
♦ The most important things to consider in process excellence.
♦ Tips and tools to use in your daily work.

This book is for leaders who want to improve their business processes and leadership skills from a customer-centric perspective. Proceeds from this book are given to charity.

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The book will give you answers to some burning questions like:
♦ Are you still working with outdated business methods?
♦ How to launch a BPM programme successfully?
♦ Why do people need to be lead?

If you really want to develop as a leader and improve your organisation, then “You Think You Are Doing Well? Become a Winner with Customer-centric Process Leadership” book is for you!
You Think You Are Doing Well - Become a Winner with Customer-centric Process Leadership

Get the book for FREE at http://addvalueto.me/download-a-free-process-leadership-book/

You will get free videos and infographics as a bonus for downloading the book!

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