John Morris

John Morris is a software sales executive with experience in business services, financial services, manufacturing, field service, supply chain, logistics & distribution, and CRM & B2B marketing. John’s role in technology evangelism has taken him to companies including IDC, DEC, Oracle, Intalio and Bosch, with a career focused on data analytics, middleware and enterprise software development.

John’s sales passion is to help customers achieve positive business model change, levering the power of technology. He’s excited about the potential of the Internet of Things (IoT) and the application of BRM and BPM to the challenge of complexity. Technology exists to serve business and to serve people.

John has a Bachelor of Commerce from University of Toronto. During university John got his first exposure to supply chain management as the supervisor of a 3PL contract warehouse. John also spent over a year on a drilling rig where he learned about people, sensors and systems, participated in a round of fracking — and was on a crew that hit oil twice.

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