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AuraPortal is a 100% web-based enterprise BPMS solution 


AuraPortal is a 100% web-based, advanced BPMS solution for enterprises, which comprises a set of essential applications (some required, some optional) that are seamlessly integrated in the same environment, including:


Core BPM (Required Modules):

1. Processes

Agile and user-friendly modeling, simulation, execution, monitoring and optimization of business processes, with absolutely NO programming required.


2. Intranet/Extranet

To manage communication between employees, and also between customers, suppliers and other external agents, via an extremely powerful workflow system.


3. Document Management

Creation and administration of all documentation in any format, fully integrated in the BPM processes.


Optional Modules:

4. Business Rules

The most powerful and user-friendly system for defining business rules and executing them automatically through the BPM processes, to ensure strict compliance.


5. WIP (Wide Interation Platform)

An exclusive platform which allows any person outside of the organization to participate in the processes, simply by registering on the company website.


6. Content Management

Dynamic creation, administration and publication of any content in digital format, also for the construction of websites (for example:


7. Online Commerce

Automatic creation and administration of Internet storefronts, for the sale and payment control of products and services offered by the company.




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