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The most flexible and forward thinking web based process management solution offered by a young and motivated software house in the UK.


Founded in 2006, Aquarium Software, a spin-out from an entrepreneurial, fast-growth financial services company, is dedicated to providing innovative web-based business solutions using the latest Microsoft technologies.

We recognise that today’s competitive environment is fast moving and businesses need to adapt quickly to exploit new opportunities; So we’ve made Aquarium really simple to modify without the need for expert IT involvement. Defined processes are built into the system for each cleint and tailor the software to their specification – this allows them to run their business efficiently and cost effectively.

In addition, our web-based ethos provides clients with unprecedented operational flexibility. Tools that can be used anywhere and eliminate the headaches of buying and maintaining expensive computer hardware & software – freeing them up to do what they do best.


We have become a leading provider in a number of industries in the UK – however our adaptability and dedicated programming team allow us to build BPM solutions for new and growing sectors on an international basis.




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