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The agito BPM® platform allows to automate user-centric business processes with simple and complex business objects. The solutions follows a model-driven approach based on the principle of “less code and complexity but freedom of choice”. It embeds Activiti as BPM engine and offers a wide range of individual extension points.

With its platform-independent approach and pay-per-usage pricing, agito BPM® lowers the entry barrier to BPM automation and is suitable for large and small process initiatives.

A broad range of functions and in particular the multi-tenancy options in agito BPM® make it possible to run the same applications for different organisations or organisational units without additional development and deployment costs.

The modular Java-based architecture makes agito BPM® platform independent for enabling a broad variety of operating scenarios. Almost any Java application server can be used, regardless of whether it is “On-Premise” or “On-Demand”. In addition it transforms Java PaaS solutions into BPM-PaaS.

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