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AgilePoint BPM Suite is a .NET-based, model-driven, Business Process Management (BPM) solution, aimed at building SOA-aligned, highly adaptive process-based applications through composition of process-enabled IT assets abstracted from and across existing applications, and messaging and productivity solutions, with a focus on leveraging common Microsoft technologies such as SharePoint servers, SharePoint services, BizTalk, InfoPath, Visual Studio, and the .NET platform.

Business users hold a company’s real knowledge and know-how. With AgilePoint, business users who make up the enterprise’s frontline can not only model business processes but also deploy them.

The suite comprises a Visio-based process modeller which is, in fact, also an integrated composition environment for process-based SOA composition, a Visual Studio-based development environment for creating encapsulated reusable process elements in XML enabled by metadata driven IT asset abstraction framework, and a XML-based process execution engine. AgilePoint focuses on increased visibility and manageability into processes, both at design time and at run time, and on business user-driven process formulation and management.

AgilePoint has taken the potential of a Microsoft-based BPM to a new level by delivering the industry’s first .NET-based metadata framework enabled model-driven BPMS.

AgilePoint integrates with legacy systems using database connections, Web services, and Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) solutions.


A True Model-Driven BPM.Think Big, Start Small, Scale Fast.



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