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How can I request permission to use content from BPM Leader?

BPM Leader receives many requests for permission to use materials from our site. You can make a request for permission by contacting us. Answers to some common questions are as follows:

  • Can I link to the site? Yes. You do not need to request permission to link to the site.
  • Can I frame the site? No. You need to request permission to present pages from the site within frames on your own site.
  • Can I copy pages and post them online? No. Pages from the site cannot be reproduced.
  • Can I copy pages and distribute them offline? No, unless you have received permission to do so. Permission is commonly granted, especially for non-profit use.
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How can I become a blogger for BPM Leader?

Simply send an email stating your name, job title, company name and (preferably) your url.
Upon approval, you will be asked to submit a short bio with picture and your first blog post for BPM Leader.

That’s all!


N.B. If you are a ‘paid blogger’ who writes articles that are commissioned by or being paid for by third parties, this should be explicitly stated in your application email as well.

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How can I post a blog on BPM Leader?


When posting a blog on BPM Leader, there are a few simple rules and tips to keep into mind.

You can use the login credentials you received via email from BPM Leader. After logging in, please click Posts -> Add New

Optional heading
You do not need to fill the optional heading field.

Add text
You can simply add text by copying it from Word and paste it directly, using the “Paste from Word” icon in the toolbar. Please remove any unnecessary white lines.

Add images
You can upload images in various formats, such as .jpg, .bpm or .png. The size of the images may vary but please keep an eye on unnecessary large files which may slow down your blog (i.e. do not upload images of 7MB if it is to be displayed in a small way, but first crop it using an image editing tool and then upload it). If you do not provide an image, the BPM Leader team will choose an image to be displayed at your blog. The team will also set the Featured image, to be shown at the homepage and for example in RSS readers.

Choose the category “Homepage”.

You can add tags to your content in order to let visitors easily find your content. You can choose existing tags (“Choose from the most used tags”) and/or create new tags.

You do not need to fill the SEO fields, this will be done by the BPM Leader team.

If you’re ready, please click “Submit for review” button. One of the BPM Leader editors will then review the content if it fits with the editorial policies, possible provide feedback / ask for clarification or else publish your blog. This may take up to 48 hours, depending on the queue of submitted blogs.


If you have any questions on how to post your blog, you can always send an email to  BPM Leader.

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Can I contribute my knowledge to BPM Leader?

Every BPM Professional is kindly invited to share her or his knowledge on BPM Leader. If your are interested in contributing to BPM Leader, please send an email stating your name, job title, company name and (preferably) url.
Upon approval, you will be asked to submit a bio, picture and your first blog post for BPM Leader.

That’s all!

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What are the criteria for evaluating submitted content for blogs?

Submissions for online publication can be made at any time. Successful submissions will meet these criteria:

  • Blogs may not include too much product and/or vendor specific information (no ‘commercial pitching’)
  • The best advice is “write enough on the subject matter to do it justice without losing the attention of the reader”.
  • Use images, (embedded) video’s, diagrams and graphics whenever possible.
  • All content should be written in English.
  • Word count is 100 to 2,500 words. However, articles are never accepted or rejected purely on the basis of word count.
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How can I request a review of existing material?

Submit the article, stating clearly if the material has been published, or is under consideration for publication, elsewhere. The article will be reviewed and either accepted, declined, or amendments requested.

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What content types and formats does BPM Leader accept?

BPM Leader accepts the following content types and formats:

  • Text – Word document (.doc) or HTML
  • We strongly recommend to add images, podcasts, multimedia content like short video’s, and of course relevant social links to your blog content
  • Diagrams, images placed within the document as well as separate attachments
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Does BPM Leader monitor comments on blog posts?

BPM Leader encourages readers to comment, both positively and negatively, on our articles and columns. As you make your voice heard, please keep in mind we encourage posts that:

  • Are on topic
  • Advance the conversation
  • Treat others with respect
  • Allow for further discussion among readers

We do monitor comments. We discourage and will remove comments:

  • That are spam
  • That are libelous
  • That contribute little to the conversation other than to the poster’s search rankings
  • That are off-topic
  • That use abusive language or excessive foul language
  • That are ad hominem attacks

Questions about our policy? Please contact BPM Leader.

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How can I advertize on BPM Leader?

BPM Leader offers several advertizing options to reach a very interesting target group of BPM professionals. The site also provides opportunities for online recruitment and promotion of events. If you are interested, please contact BPM Leader.

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