Why sponsor the BPM Leader community

BPM Leader (www.bpmleader.com) is the BPM expert community and network site where you can find the latest insights on Business Process Management and related domains. Being an independent knowledge platform, BPM Leader brings together the best of BPM professionals, bloggers, industry experts, users, vendors, consultants and analysts, right at your fingertips!

BPM Leader offers great opportunities to BPM vendors and practitioners. It allows you to:


Create brand awareness

  • Promote your products and services to large audience of high-quality visitors
  • Demonstrate your unique expertise
  • Profile your organization in various free & paid ways


Capture relevant interest

  • Target your message to the right audience
  • Retrieve lead information from your information assets
  • Monitor on-going conversations between BPM professionals


Share in-depth knowledge

  • Offer free & restricted content to visitors of BPM Leader
  • Participate in peer discussions
  • Offer solutions to business problems of users


Build lasting relationships

  • Ask and receive input from your (potential) users
  • Connect with each other’s social networks
  • Engage with other BPM Leaders!


With BPM Leader, you won’t miss the opportunity to:

  • Have meaningful and relevant interactions with targeted decision making prospects!
  • Present your message to a highly-qualified business process management audience!
  • Gain a though leadership position through sharing best practices and opinions!
  • Achieve maximum exposure for minimum investment!



Need more information?

If you have specific questions about the program or sponsor packages, please contact: 

Reint J. Holterman, Publisher & Managing Partner, BPM Leader
Phone: +31 626 42 1198
Email: rjholterman@bpmleader.com


You can also fill out the information request form.


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