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Document & Process Management

Arxivar is an advanced Business Process Management and Enterprise Content Management solution used to store, share and manage electronic documents. It allows managing any kind of documents, distribute them, keep track of versions, track a log or send them via mail and fax. Information can be organized in folders and binders, it can be linked together to form an information tree.

With the powerful integrated workflow editor it is possible to design processes by defining actions, times, people who perform activities. All the flows are kept under control and can automatically trigger actions.

ARXivar workflow allows the company to be proactive and to simplify the activities: with ARXivar, in a few seconds, you can adapt processes to renewed business needs. All this fully autonomously. You can handle one by one the most critical processes and integrate them with the existing functional organization.

With ARXivar process management tool you can monitor and analyze workflows and receive important data to assess and improve company performance.



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