BPM Makes Employee Professional Rather Than Stressful

Have you ever been thinking about reasons about your work stress? Sometimes employees have burnout syndrome which causes them to resign or to work inefficiently. If your organization ‘has’ stress, productivity drops and if you don’t notice it, you can have unhappy employee, delayed jobs and ineffectiveness in your organization. Also it is a risk for your new employees. Work stress becomes chronic and you do not notice if you do not take action.

Let’s talk about “work stress: killing the productivity at work” and BPM solutions to relieve work stress.


bpm - stressWithout Planning

No company can keep up if you do not have a plan of tasks to do. If you do not have a job plan, employee loses trust, clients become unhappy. We are all trying to solve this planning problem with various tools like project planning, todo lists, excel sheets but these tools require human intervention to keep things going. This kind of problem solving method depends on human believe  – and if you lost this belief for whatever reason, this kind of tools quickly turns out to become a burden for employees.

BPM is more than than tools like project planning, todo lists, excel sheets. Because it is a ‘plan genius’ and it shows when you need to do something with its smart tools and rich user interfaces. BPM provides an inbox of all tasks need to be done to master and sort your tasks in a prioritized order. Also it forces you to do one job at a time. If you forget to complete your job, your BPM tool kindly reminds the task to be completed in time. No more overflowing jobs and stress for no-planning.

Uncertainty in Roles

If the employe roles are not explicitly defined in an organization or a role conflict occurs, it increases work stress for an employee. Who is responsible for a task?

BPM forces you to define roles in your business processes and explicitly defines the roles of employees in a company. By this way e.g. HR, sales and expense processes on BPM are managed easily by authorized employees to complete or approve the relevant tasks. Everyone in the organization knows their roles with BPM.


Usually heavy or difficult tasks are handled by specific employees while working in a team. This is hides the responsibility and creates non-visible stress for these great-working employees. When an employee doesn’t work, other employee can take responsibility to complete the work on time.

BPM tools collect task progress statistics that show which task is assigned to who, when it starts and ends. With this collected statistical data you can get detailed reports to measure real employee performance.


Overwork causes an uncomfortable, very stressful business life. Also it reduces productivity in business. Because the employee with heavy workload is tired and easily makes mistakes. These mistakes make the employee stressful and unhappy.

BPM solves overwork problems with its standardized business processes with shared work load. Standardized business processes provides fast and minimized ‘prone to human error’ work environments. Get rid of overwork stress with BPM!

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By Gözde Ulusoy @ Emakin | February 8, 2017

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