Why Case Management is a Digital Business Hotspot

Business is getting…hotter. With the rapid increase in the rate of change, all businesses are scrambling to keep up.

The Gartner prescription for success in these volatile times is a phase shift in focus towards Digital Business. Digital Business, in a nutshell, is the confluence and synergy of People, Things and Business for creating new models and value in handling constantly changing business activities.

But not all areas of business are created equal. Some areas of operation require more attention and quicker changes. One of these Digital Business “hotspots” is the field of Case Management.

Why is Case Management “Hot”?

Case Management, by definition, is the unstructured handling of “Cases” by “Knowledge Workers”. Such cases are never the same, and expert, intelligent workers need to make on-the-spot decisions on how to deal with each case optimally. A Case Management solution is one that provides such workers with the best tools and assistance to achieve their objectives successfully.

In such a dynamic system, the interaction between people, systems, smart devices and environment is critical. If information is missing or faulty, if the case worker isn’t connected with the correct systems and people, if analytics and case documents are not available, the chances of success drop dramatically. As such, Case Management is a unique Digital Business challenge.

Case Management: Focus on Three Factors

Case Management solutions should strive to become the hub of improved interaction between human and non-human stakeholders within the realm of the Case. They should be aware of three factors which will determine if the solution is a success:

  • Flexibility
  • Communication
  • Guided interactions

A flexible system is one that can be adapted by both its designers and by its end users to achieve constantly improving outcomes. This is of vital importance to Case Management.

Communications between all stakeholders (humans, systems, and smart devices) is also of utmost importance, otherwise any one of these key bodies can find itself in an information blackout, which will render it to the sidelines.

Guided interactions are often overlooked. In such a chaotic environment of change, if there is no direction, each player (person, device, system) can roam erratically, not sure what its goal or job is. An overarching strategy must be employed and built into the system, to give each player the guidance it needs to reach its objective according to the goals of the business as a whole. There needs to be some order in this chaos.

In Short…

Today, we’re seeing more and more organizations realizing that Case Management is a make-or-break factor in the success of the business. They should be searching for Case Management solutions which enable synergy between all the elements of the Digital Business.

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By Eli Stutz @ PNMsoft | July 1, 2015

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