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We used to do BPM implementations to drive efficiency and consistency by automating standard repeatable processes, we were always trying to reduce application turnaround time, reduce operating cost.

bpm-customer-satisfaction-cemBut only the most agile enterprise stands a chance in today’s constantly-changing business environment. The experience an organization provides to their customers is the key to successful business. Almost every company provides the exact same service with almost the same options. The only way to differentiate your business is by providing a higher customer satisfaction, and to guarantee satisfaction you have to provide consistency  and efficiency.

To talk about how to improve customer satisfaction we have to think like one. In this era we all expect to use social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Yammer …etc.) to interact with each other and we’re always reaching to our mobile phones first whenever we’re trying to do something. As a business we have to start enabling our customers to engage with us using familiar tools.

Let me tell you a personal story that summarizes why should we care about mobile and social interaction. Last time I was at the Airport and had an issue with my flight, I didn’t reach out to the airlines using a toll free number or took the time to send them a lengthy email. Instead I sent them a tweet and sure enough, I had my issue taken care off.

Social & mobile interaction is another addition to the existing methods we’re providing our customers to engage with us, embracing social networks and mobile allows us to provide the experience our customers expected from us.

There is a lot of reasons to embrace Social media and Mobile Apps:

  • Simpler way to engage with customers
  • Increase adaptation
  • Increase satisfaction
  • Ensure consistence in customer engagement
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By Mohamed Elkholy @ K2 | June 26, 2015

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