Enterprise Modeling Space

The Enterprise Modeling Space is a doorway to update and extract abstract enterprise models. It consists of any artifacts i.e Models, Artifacts or Matrix, which can abstract organizational information that can be communicated to wider audience. Even though most of my focus will be on Process Models, the scope does not stop with that, the logic transcendence to all artifacts like use case diagrams, data entity diagram, application portfolio catalog etc.

Schermafbeelding 2015-02-21 om 15.33.19There is very little information on how organizations can utilize Enterprise Modeling to improve innovation, operational excellence and risk management capabilities. According to a recent survey by BPtrends.com it is very evident that firms are investing heavily in this area .

BPM Service providers can exploit this opportunity, add value to their customers and expand their market. I like to put forward my view point on different business scenarios of how BPM Service providers can pitch in Enterprise modeling service offering to their clients i.e. setting up a central repository for the artifacts and supporting it with modeling and platform management expertise.


There were 4 main business opportunities or gateways, Enterprise modeling becomes relevant during:

a) BPM/Process Excellence organization setup

  • Build, populate & maintain process repository for communication & Training
  • Process standardization using reference frameworks like APQC PCF, eTOM, SCOR Etc.
  • Process improvement initiatives like CPI, Lean & 6Sigma
  • Compliance and Audit activities

b) Business Transformations

  • Outsourcing or Shared Service Setup initiatives
  • Performance Management & Benchmarking exercises

c) Enterprise Application/Software implementation

  • BPMS implementations
  • ERP implementation – Process documentation phase e.g. SAP Solution manager and BPA tools like ARIS/MEGA/Casewise integration
  • ITIL & COBIT based IT Service and Governance setup
  • Business IT Application Implementation i.e. during the Requirement phase of the project.

d) Enterprise Architecture modelling

  •  Enterprise Architecture Repository Setup for communication Based on Setup EA frameworks based on popular reference models like Zachman, TOGAF, FEAF etc.
  • EA office setup for IT Strategy & New Technology adaptation acceleration.

My thoughts…

This is a very niche market where not many players are active but it is an untapped gold mine for BPM service providers and Consulting firms. I will shed more light on these 4 gateways in my subsequent blogs.

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By Arun Kumar Asokan @ Infosys ltd. | February 26, 2015

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