BPM versus ROI

ROi of business process management (BPM)There are many advantages of using Business Process Management (BPM) over a Return On Investment (ROI) methodology, as using a BPM solution allows companies to focus their business systems with the customer in mind. When a business is using a proper process management system, they can track and monitor their movement forward while being effective and productive. The focus is also on how the business is delivering value to the customer, rather than an ROI strategy, which simply focuses on the numbers.

An ROI strategy certainly has its benefits as well. ROI strategies are results based and you don’t need a structured business in order to see success. ROI projects help improve data driven statistics which principally focus on improving the numbers. An ROI based system can help systemize a business and remove unwanted programs and it’s very clear when a project is successful if ROI is tracked correctly.

A BPM approach however continues to improve the process of how the business is run. Every process and system in the business is monitored and improved to stay ahead of the game. This means that an approach will not stagnate, however an ROI approach might get stuck because there is no reason to improve ROI further if it is already profitable.


“The focus will become the customer”


Using a PBM approach means the business will develop its processes to run smoothly and efficiently. The focus will become the customer and how much value is provided, and how the business can better manage its processes so it keeps improving in this area. An ROI approach simply focuses on the number and tries to focus on improving the profits of the overall business.

A BPM approach also focuses on reducing costs whereas an ROI approach only focuses on improving profits. When using an ROI approach its possible to cut costs and improve ROI that way, however when using a BPM approach that idea is built into the fabric of the strategy. BPM aims to improve productivity and streamline processes so they become more efficient.

The effect of a BPM system is a more cost efficient and systemized business, which is focused on improved services to customers and promotes faster business growth. This is why implementing a BPM strategy into a business will always see more success than the investment of installing a strategy.

We have Business Process Management experts who can help you install this system into your business so it runs smoothly and improves the quality of your services and the efficiency of your business. Any investment that you would have to pay to get someone to install this system would far be outweighed by the benefits and profits a business would get after implementing this system. Therefore the ROI for BPM solutions is indeed very high.

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By Mike Lawrence @ 6Kare | October 17, 2014

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