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Most BPM products designed to support BPM also include a lot of other capabilities beyond just those the BPM practitioner requires.  They generally include a lot of application development and data integration capability.

–  Business Process Management [BPM]

BPM is a discipline – it is something that you do.  BPM is not something that you do once and forget it.  It is an ongoing activity.

A software application does not do BPM.

BPM software needs to be configured to meet your needs.  You have to tell the software how you want your processes to work.

This means that you must analyze your process.  Start by understanding the process as it is today.   Determine how you could improve it.  Consider removing non-value added activities.  Look into ways to shorten an activity.  Analyze how your process interacts with your customer.

When you believe you have created a new improved process, try it out.  Talk to your user community to see if it is working.  You will likely make some changes to that process and arrive at a process that looks good.  Start there and just know that your processes will continually change.

–  Business Process Management Software [BPMS]

What BPM software does?  BPMS provides control and visibility.

It makes sure that required steps are taken.  It makes sure that all of the activities within a step are completed.  It makes sure that the next person [step in the process] is notified that they have work coming their way.  And more…

It provides visibility into your process.  You can see whose desk it is currently on.  You can see who did what and when they did it.  It provides an audit trail.  It simplifies compliance.

Whether you choose to purchase software or not, managing/improving your processes will provide real benefits.  Start now and get a head of your competition.

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By Scott Cleveland @ Cleveland Consulting | July 7, 2014

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