Choosing the Right BPM Solution

images-13Choosing a BPM solution is not a simple task.  There are horror stories about companies spending lots of money on a solution only to have their implementation end up being a large fiasco.

There are a lot of things to learn in order to make an informed decision.

Start by identifying the problem you are trying to solve?  Some problems don’t have direct costs associated with them, they are just painful.

Others do have direct costs.  How much is the problem costing your company?

Is the problem a process management problem?  Could there be better ways to perform the tasks?  Could it be a personnel problem?  Are people performing tasks that add no value to your product or service?

Based on your identified problem, what does your solution look like?  What are the requirements for a real solution to your company’s problems?

What are your options?  Can you solve the problem without the use of software?  Will BPM software provide a more robust solution?

Remember, this problem may be costing your company a significant amount of money each month.  This cost will continue until you have solved the problem.

Do not search for perfection.   The odds of finding a perfect solution are slim.  Your company can be losing significant dollars each month while you look for the perfect solution.

Don’t sit on this for 6 months [or so], choose a solution.  Even if you don’t make the ‘right’ choice, you will learn a lot.  The money you spend will be a good investment into making a much better decision in the future.

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By Scott Cleveland @ Cleveland Consulting | May 20, 2014

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