Analysis of Business Processes

300_100_711_4-stappenFor the sake of this discussion, I will lump a Business Process Management [BPM] project into 4 categories – Analysis, Design, Construction and Implementation.

It has been my experience that the analysis and design categories usually take up about 75% of the project time.  When expressing this opinion, most people will agree with me.

Simply put, analysis will uncover the current environment – the as-is picture while the design will paint the to-be picture.

The Analysis includes things like:

– Identify the problem process

– What are the steps of the process?

– What tasks are performed at each step?

– Who performs those tasks?

– What are the business rules?

– What steps don’t add value to the process?

– Where could we automate? [Have a computer perform the task]

The Design includes the documentation necessary for the construction phase of the project.  It should be complete enough that a constructor can easily construct the solution.  It is even better if there are photos [graphics] that describe what the users will see in the user interface.

If you complete a thorough analysis and put together a well thought out design document, the actual construction can happen very quickly.

A friend of mine has created an online course that helps you analyze your processes.  It is called Human-Centric Process Analysis and Improvement.  You should find it very helpful.  Contact me to get the website information.

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By Scott Cleveland @ Cleveland Consulting | May 13, 2014

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