The Value of Process Understanding

images (1)Angelica Wurth posted – What is the value of understanding your processes? This question is not often asked by business managers, aka process owners. People don’t go around thinking about the value of their processes, but they should. Process is how work gets done. If a process is broken, meaning the integration points are missed, or worse, unknown, it costs the business precious dollars. You cannot effectively operate business without simple working processes.

My Thoughts…

I would like to add to that by saying that we all work within formal or informal processes.  As a good manager, you should be looking for better ways to do your job.  If you don’t understand the process that you manage [work in], then you are not in a position to improve it.

If you have a good understanding of the process(es) that you manage, you can look to remove non-value added activities.  You can look for ways to automate some activities.  You can look for ways to improve our customer’s experience.

What’s in it for you?

By helping your company function better, you can improve the bottom line.  It can make you a valuable resource to the company which can result in promotions and/or raises.  You may be able to find some new ways to innovate.

What’s holding you back?  Go for it!

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By Scott Cleveland @ Cleveland Consulting | April 28, 2014

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