Manage Your Living Process…

images-17In my last blog, I talked about processes always being in a state of change.  Documents that are constantly being changed are referred to as ‘living’ documents.  I contend that since processes are constantly being changed that they are ‘living’ processes.

Managing a ‘living’ process is not a one time event, it is an ongoing activity.  Maybe what you need is a process to manage your ‘living’ process.

What might that look like?

You could have a process change request to change your process.  Any member of a process could fill out the change request form.  The form could have required fields and optional fields.

The reason for the change would be a required field.  There are many possible reasons to request a change: A new person has entered the process and works differently; A person in the process has too many tasks to perform so they are slowing down the process; A person has uncovered a better way for the process to perform; Your customer’s interaction with the process isn’t as good as it could be; The use of new technology will improve the process; etc.

The completed change request will go to the owner of this process for their approval.  They will either approve or deny the request.  Their approval will kick off the process to improve the process.

I see two real benefits from this – Increased efficiency and Reduced costs…

Let me hear from you if you have a process in place to improve your processes.

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By Scott Cleveland @ Cleveland Consulting | March 24, 2014

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