Briefing on Effektif: Introducing a new cloud-based business process platform

In March 2013, we already announced the launch of the company Effektif, founded by Tom Baeyens, a long-time BPM veteran and driving force behind open source initiatives jBPM and Activiti. Together with Signavio (, Tom started Effektif to bring a new cloud-based business process platform to market.

bpmPaaS platform

This bpmPaaS platform, which is also called Effektif, was officially announced yesterday. It is designed to organize repetitive work within the enterprise. The product goes beyond project-oriented or checklist-style task management – it adds the process dimension for recurring tasks as well as system integration capabilities for end-to-end Enterprise processes. A range of pre-configured connectors, e.g. for accessing documents in Google Drive or manipulating CRM data in SalesForce, help to integrate enterprise systems. and are 2 very good examples of services from which we took inspiration. They show how integration can be made simple.”, Tom Baeyens says. “If you think about the internet of things, those solutions make perfect sense. Our target, however, is to connect the internet of enterprise things.”

Simplified BPMN

The Effektif platform enables business users to implement and run their daily processes within minutes. It combines aspects of enterprise integration and (end) user interface creation. This alleviates its users from applying a separate integration bus (ESB) or a dedicated form builder, as it is all combined into Effektif. A very user-friendly yet sophisticated modeling environment is provided for supporting Case Management initiatives and approval workflows, as was shown to me by Tom in a live demo recently. The modeling environment itself offers a simplified BPMN notation to create straight-forward processes. In case external (cloud) services need to be invoked, this can simply be realized through programming a few lines of JavaScript.

Tom Baeyens explains: “We started Effektif because we believe that simplicity is key to make workflow work on a broad scale. Too much upfront investments require visionaries to see the value of BPM. Effektif already starts saving time as soon as work becomes repetitive.”


Effektif ships in three versions. For small organizations, there is a free Collaboration edition. Next to that, the Team Workflow edition is available for organizations with more than 4 users, and requires a fee. For large organizations, an Enterprise Process Management edition is available. Pricing is ‘pay-as-you-go’, and is based on the number of users and complexity of the processes itself.

Sales execution is jointly carried out with Signavio, a leading provider for cloud-based process modeling. The product launch follows a €1.2m investment made by Signavio in March 2013.


If you’re interested to see more of Effektif, you can join one of the webinars planned for 3 and 6 February.



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By Reint Jan Holterman @ BPM Leader | January 15, 2014

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