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Think Big, start smallBonitasoft has put out a good whitepaper for getting started with BPM.  In it they talk about 10 best practices.  They do point out that the goal of managing your business processes is to optimize efficiency and improve profitability.

I have addressed many of these in the past, but some of these are worth revisiting.  I will reorder them to fit my experiences.

Think Big, Start Small

You may want to ‘change the world’ and you are positive that managing your business processes will make a huge difference.  Even if you are correct, you need to start small.

If a project takes too long to complete, participants will lose interest.  If you can, chose a project that can be completed in about 6 months.

The selected project has to have some value.  If the process is improved, the improvement will be visible and make a difference.  Automating vacation requests probably doesn’t qualify.  Automating an onboarding/offboarding process could qualify.

Success in your first project will get you the support you need to move to the next project.

My Recommendation:  Choose a project that you can complete within 6 months.

Next week: Model How You Actually Work

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By Scott Cleveland @ Cleveland Consulting | January 14, 2014

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