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championBonitasoft has put out a good whitepaper for getting started with BPM.  In it they talk about 10 best practices.  They do point out that the goal of managing your business processes is to optimize efficiency and improve profitability.

I have addressed many of these in the past, but these are worth revisiting.  I will reorder them to fit my experiences.

Choose a Champion

Most successful BPM implementations have had a champion.  The champion doesn’t need to be a high level executive, but they need to be well respected within the company.

Implementing BPM involves change.  Most people are averse to change.  A champion will be the internal ‘pied piper’.

The champion will persuade the users that their life will be much better with the new solution in place.  They will get them involved in the project.  They will get them excited to be a part of the new solution.  They will help the project move ahead smoothly.

The champion will sell management on the benefits of the BPM solution.  They will work to get their blessings.  They will make them believers in the potential success of the project.

The work of the champion doesn’t end at the initial implementation.  This role is ongoing.  As other departments see the success of your initial implementation, they will want to manage their processes.

My recommendation – Choose a ‘leader’ to be your champion.

Next week: Think big, start small

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By Scott Cleveland @ Cleveland Consulting | January 7, 2014

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