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Clean energyFrom the Oil & Gas Journal…

Innovation Matters.  We know that the public is demanding clean and safe energy and an abundance of it, yet extracting, generating and managing energy through the supply chain is risky business. Increasing mandates for safety, compliance, and environmental protection, availability of newer and better technology, and more technically challenging exploration and extraction of resources, and demand for energy in remote and exotic locations all create system complexity.  These changes drive the imperative – change or be outperformed.

My thoughts…

This thought addresses Oil & Gas, but many of these issues affect other industries.

There is a lot to digest in the paragraph above.

There are many interconnected processes:  Gathering the energy and getting it to the consumer safely is a key objective.

Energy companies have been gathering energy for years.  How does there existing process address safety, environmental protection and compliance?  The basic tenants for compliance are that you have a process and that you can prove that you follow that process.

Many energy companies are already addressing more technically challenging exploration and extraction of resources.  They need to determine how to take advantage of new technologies and strategies so that they can still meet compliance standards.

Companies must do something – Change or be outperformed.

A thorough analysis and management of these processes will help.  BPM [business process management] software can add an element of control and visibility to your processes.

Your thoughts…

How is your company addressing change?

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By Scott Cleveland @ Cleveland Consulting | December 23, 2013

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