5 Tips for Successfully Managing BPM Implementations

BPM ManagementI have learned that BPM is a journey. It is mastered over time. With methodical discipline one success turns into another. One process automated in time becomes ten. What took three months to develop and deploy turns into monthly deliveries of new solutions.

From my discussions with customers and partner, I have seen organizations experiencing this type of ongoing success do the following:

  • Remember to ask lots of questions – Every user has some insight into process bottlenecks, workarounds, and promising improvements. Involve them early and often so as to expose potential problems before development begins. Then continue to involve them throughout implementation to ensure buy-in and continued optimization.
  • Have committed project management – Ensure that team members are voicing concerns. Respond to questions as early as possible. Over communicate as what people don’t know tends to be questioned or readily criticized.
  • Assign a dedicated business analyst to each project to own requirements – This helps to ensure quicker decision-making and better knowledge management.
  • Roll-out in phase – Solutions become real when they are being used. It is OK to roll out solution in phases. What users cannot use cannot be tried and tested. Get feedback now and apply lessons learned to phased deliveries. Do not bite off more than you can chew. Start small and grow.
  • Take convention and turn it into templates – Reuse work to accelerate design and development of similar processes. Build best practices and standards. Create reusable objects. Replicate where possible.

What are your thoughts?

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By Garth Knudson @ Bizagi | November 22, 2013

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