Sales and Process Management

Sale 2Someone once told me that CEO’s look at 2 things – Sales and Everything else…

Just in case you haven’t thought about processes when it comes to sales, Amazon has 136,000 books on the topic.

For years, sales people focused on the selling process as defined by their company.  The selling process was a hot topic of discussion at sales meetings.

Why analyze the sales process?  The objective is to increase sales.  I am sure that there are many different paths you could take, but two of the most traveled paths likely include: Improve your close rate with existing prospects or Increase the number of prospects.

Just like any other business process, companies are always looking to improve the efficiency of their process.  They believe that improving their process will increase sales.

Solution Selling

When the notion of solution selling came into vogue, sales people started focusing on the buying process rather than the selling process.  If you think about it, it doesn’t make sense for a salesperson to attempt to force a prospect down a path that isn’t theirs.  Salespeople learned that the customer has a buying process and that is easier for the customer to follow their own buying process.  So we made it easy for them to purchase by adhering to their process.  This strategy has increased sales more often than not.

Nothing has changed, companies are still trying to find ways to improve their sales process to increase sales revenues.  All of those responsible for sales are looking for the next big thing after ‘solution selling’.

Your thoughts…

How is your company addressing their sales process?

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By Scott Cleveland @ Cleveland Consulting | November 20, 2013

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