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Intelligent business operations really come out of a need for business to have better outcomes. They need to raise revenue, they need to cut cost, and they need to please their customers. They need to dynamically change and with processes of old you had to do that by hand. So you need some intelligence in not only your processes but in recognizing emerging patterns in business and business marketplace and also potentially around the world if you are truly multinational.

My thoughts…

I see 3 major milestones when implementing business process management.

1)      Process: You have a process that is not working for whatever reason.  You need to know what that process is and be able to identify what is not working.  I go back to these 5 steps: document the process, follow the process on paper to make sure you have documented the process correctly, measure the process, improve the process, measure the process to make sure you actually improved it.

2)      Software: Choose and implement business process management software.  BPM software provides control [to make sure the process is followed] and visibility [so that you can see how something is moving through the process].  When this is successful, look into other processes that can use improvement.

3)      Analysis: There is a lot of information about processes that can be gleaned from BPM software.  This is where Jim Sinur’s observation comes into play.  What can you learn from your processes that can help you arrive at better outcomes?

In order to be competitive in today’s market, companies need to be customer centric.  The business intelligence that you gather from your processes should provide you with some clues to become more customer centric.

Your thoughts…

Have you gathered any business intelligence from your processes?

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By Scott Cleveland @ Cleveland Consulting | November 6, 2013

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