Customer Service is a Process

Customer service 2We have all experienced bad customer service.  I recently moved and went through the time consuming task attempting to change my address.  Many of the companies that I do business with made it difficult.  If I had an online account, the change was easy.  If not, a couple of the sites didn’t even post a phone number while the ones that did have a phone number told me I had to call another number.

It makes you wonder – aren’t any of these people customers of other companies?  Don’t they go through this activity in real life?

I was the marketing manager at a small start-up where we developed a new software product.  A part of my marketing plan dealt with customer support.  It was a process – an if, then, else matrix.  We were so small that I took the initial call to determine the ‘if’ and then directed the call.  If it was a simple installation question, I could provide the answer.  If it was anything else, I got the engineer involved.  This process worked well for us.

I would suggest that a company employee attempt to get support from their company so they can go through the process first hand.  I am sure that they will have suggestions for improvement.

How many of you have done this?

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By Scott Cleveland @ Cleveland Consulting | October 3, 2013

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