Starting your BPM Project

Thums upHere is a place to start that has been successful many times over.

My only assumption is that you have already identified the process that you would like to manage/improve.  [This description is simplified to keep it short.]

Document the Process

Interview all of the participants in this process.  Write down what they say they do and when they do it.  Are their tasks dependent on any others?

Run the Process

Follow the process manually to make sure that it really works as advertised.  I am sure that you will pick up things that they forgot that should be in the process.


Measure the process as you go.  It is important to document your starting point.  This way you will have something to measure against.

Improve the Process

Make improvements to the existing process.  Remove non value-add activities – stuff that doesn’t help the process or your company.  Identify where you could automate activities.


Follow the new process manually and measure it.  If the process is shorter and seems to work better, you are on the right track.  This will help justify any expenditure that you might want to make – BPM software and/or automation coding.

I wish you success; your efforts will be worth it…

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By Scott Cleveland @ Cleveland Consulting | August 12, 2013

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