Customer-Centric BPM

Free shippingCompanies are concerned about shrinking volumes of business, stiffer competition and every more demanding consumer expectations which have increased pressure on the bottom line.

Successfully managing the value chain across the life cycle of your customer is essential.  Business processes must react to changing and diverse customer needs and interactions to ensure successful outcomes.

For years, we have looked at internal processes and didn’t spend much time looking at our interactions with our customer.


A prime example is Amazon Prime [pardon the play on words].  They know that anything we purchase from them needs to be shipped.  We are left to choose how we want it to ship.  Most people want their stuff sooner rather than later.  So, they introduced Prime with free 2 day shipping.  Even though they charge for prime, just order several items and you have paid for the charge and you get it in 2 days.  Besides, they threw in some other stuff to sweeten the deal.

They got me!  I will always look there first so I can get the free shipping…

My Thoughts…

Even if you don’t plan on purchasing and implementing BPM software anytime soon, I would be looking at all of my processes that interact with my customer.

I would want to understand and document these processes.  I would talk to my customers to get their input.  I may even find some simple things that could be changed to make it better for the customer.

I would keep an eye on these processes to understand any changing customer needs.  Again, maybe I can do some simple changes.

What can your company do to make your customers love you?




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By Scott Cleveland @ Cleveland Consulting | August 5, 2013

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