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Recently Gartner highlighted a new trend combining BPM and internet of things (IoT). It advocated that the BPM groups within enterprises should play a role in managing the IoT. This is representative of organizations wanting more out of their BPM solutions.

Today repair and maintenance is one of the most difficult and complex activity in large manufacturing organizations. Consider the advantages of predictive maintenance. When a critical shop floor machine is fitted with sensors, it can know its current condition and wear & tear and, whenever necessary, initiate its own maintenance process. A combination of sensors and human operators monitor the environment continuously for hazards or damage resulting in reduced risks and maintenance costs.

Companies that take advantage of these “intelligent processes” stand to gain a significant advantage against competition. BPM can no longer only be about people but needs to interact and utilize the multiplicity of sensors, devices and channels that exist.

My Thoughts…

As I read this, I realized that I have limited my thinking about business processes. Interconnected devices are changing our lives.  They are opening more avenues to managing processes.  They are allowing processes that haven’t been managed before to be managed.

I hope you use this blog to challenge your own thinking about processes within your company.
Find new ways to use the interconnected world to create a unique competitive advantage for your company.

Your Thoughts…

How many of you have begun taking advantage of the internet of things?

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By Scott Cleveland @ Cleveland Consulting | July 22, 2013

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