Changes in Business Process Management

From Clay Richardson,
a senior analyst with Forrester Research…

During the customer interviews, I began to get a sense that most teams had ditched business process re-engineering practices in favor of practices that put key tasks under the microscope and focused on how best to design them around a desired outcome.

Three steps we outlined:

  • Prioritize key processes that can benefit from optimized experiences.
  • Connect customer journey to process maps to surface critical touch points.
  • Redesign business processes to skip or accelerate tasks.

My Thoughts…

I do think that companies are moving away from old school business process re-engineering practices to focus on how to design them around a desired outcome.

Business process management teams are beginning to speak with their customers to improve their ‘customer’ experience.  They are analyzing customer ‘touch points’ to provide an improved customer experience.

These teams then follow the touch points back to operational business processes to identify areas where their business processes can be improved.  They look to remove non-value activities, automate activities where they can and be more efficient at process steps [activities].

More and more companies are taking this approach and finding success.  Their processes are taking less time and running more efficiently yielding cost reductions and revenue gains.

Your Thoughts…

What is your company’s strategy to improve their business processes?

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By Scott Cleveland @ Cleveland Consulting | June 21, 2013

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