Why take on BPM?

Why do companies take on business process management (BPM) projects?


Anne Stuart on business process governance – “Making the right business decisions at the right time has never been more critical than it is in the current recovering — but still largely unforgiving — economic environment.”


It starts with a problem

An important company process takes too long – As Anne points out, companies need to make the right business decisions at the right time.  Your company could be too late to quote on a project.  You could run out of inventory and have to halt the factory floor for some period of time.

Your company could have a process, or processes, that are error prone.  These errors could cost your company some serious cash.

Management needs to know who is working on what tasks.  They need to know when the ‘job’ will be done.

Many companies are subject to audits.  They need to show that there is a process in place and they need to be able to prove they have followed it.


BPM software provides control and visibility

You can make sure that the 6 tasks that need to be completed actually get completed.  Electronic signatures are your proof that those steps took place.  Management can login to the software to see the status of any process at any time.  They can actually see who is working on it right now.

BPM software implemented correctly makes it possible to make the right business decisions at the right time.  The results should either save money or make money.


Your thoughts…

What kind of results have you seen?


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By Scott Cleveland @ Cleveland Consulting | April 30, 2013

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