How to Enhance the Customer Experience Using BPM

 Joint webinar by BonitaSoft and BPM Leader

Connecting All Steps In The Customer Journey 


Businesses are finding it tougher than ever to engage with the customer.
Today’s customers are more demanding and more knowledgeable. Moreover, they follow their own cross-channel customer journey using social media and mobile apps to find the information they need for their purchase decision.

What does this mean for your marketing, sales and fulfillment processes?


Webinar invitation

In a 45-minute webinar Reint Jan Holterman, founder of the BPM Leader community, will address the following questions:

    • What are essential building blocks for an effective customer engagement strategy?
    • How to map internal processes onto unpredictable customer journeys?
    • How to leverage current investments in CRM and marketing systems?
    • How to effectively manage customer data from heterogeneous channels?
    • What is needed to really connect the dots between product development, sales, marketing and customer service?
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By Reint Jan Holterman @ BPM Leader | February 26, 2013

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