Control the Process in Marketing

You can’t control the outcome,
But, you can control the process…

I wear a marketing hat in my everyday job; at the same time, I am all about process.  So, I look for ways to apply process to my marketing activities.

Back a decade, we marketers were concerned with product, price, place and promotion.  Each of these categories contains multiple activities.  Some are parallel and some are serial and it is not always clear what comes first.  Since it is marketing, the process doesn’t get a lot of attention.


Now, let’s add in Marketing in 2013

For the sake of brevity, I will not go into a great amount of detail.  Let’s just say that I have now added some new categories: Social; Search; Publicity; and Email.

I can address any of these activities, I better have a good handle on our branding.  Branding will propagate through all of the activities.

This is a big enough category to be addressed by a full time person.  They need to post to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ at a minimum.  They need to respond to posts on all of these sites.  They need to blog one to two times per week.

Your website must be optimized for search engines.  Part of that activity includes changing content frequently.

This includes things like authoring articles, authoring books, speaking engagements, communicating with journalists, press releases and the like.

Email is still important and is an art in and of itself.
Since I am a process guy, I do have a process in place that I try to follow.  At the same time, some things just seem to need to be ad hoc.

All of these activities need to get done. Without a process in place, how do you make sure that it happens?  If I could only delegate…


Your Thoughts…

Has your company addressed process in their marketing department?


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By Scott Cleveland @ Cleveland Consulting | January 21, 2013

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