BPM and What We Can Learn From Medical X-Rays

Recently, I had to go and see a doctor due to some problems with the ankle joint. The family doctor interviewed me and advised me to go to a hospital where they made some tests, but still no correct diagnosis. The only way to view the cause of the problem, that could not be seen otherwise, was through computed tomography scanning and magnetic resonance imaging (mri). After applying these technologies, it took only one minute for a precise diagnosis. Problem solved.

What if we could use a similar approach to see the cause of a problem in a business process?

Just think of all the Operational Excellence Initiatives, BPM projects, major Process Redesign efforts or Six Sigma and Lean engagements. Today, most companies do not have the necessary capabilities to visualize how best-in-class process performance can be achieved faster and more effectively. I am sure we have all experienced the limitations of interviews, workshops and walkthroughs. The more people you ask about the “as is”, the more process variations and opinions you get. The important parts of the “as is” process remain hidden, which then means that it takes more time to reach the goal of an efficient business process.

Automated Business Process Discovery (ABPD) is a unique approach that introduces the concept of the medical X-Ray / MRI into the domain of business processes. Similar to its medical counterparts, ABPD is a ‘Process Scan’ technique that visualizes internal structures, waste, bottlenecks or risks of the “as is process” from big picture to a very detailed level. It uses event-level data from IT systems to automatically reconstruct business process models by pattern recognition. ABPD demonstrates process exceptions, anomalies, unusual transactions, bottlenecks, deviations and weaknesses in processes. And it automatically calculates and delivers end-to-end process performance information. No need for modeling invisible processes or biased interviews any longer. No more guesswork.

If you like to base the diagnosis of business process issues on facts, let me recommend ABPD to you. ABPD very nicely supports the work of process owners and experts every day.

Your thoughts?

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By Tobias Rother @ Process Analytics Factory | December 12, 2012

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