Having an Enterprise View of a Process

As in my previous post, I will get deeper in the way the process is seen from an Enterprise/Process owner point of view. This view works for the process owner, or any role that sees the process as a box (not a black one, but in some grey gradient): the process as it is defined in some regulatory document.

What should the Analyst get from those interviews, documents, etc?

It is important to know the deliverables the process has, and the result or its output once it reaches a final stage. It can be a report, a verdict, or a decision (usually, the two former results are part of a decision). Or even the complex analysis of n-instances of the process gives the company important information.
That will give us a notion of what is the most sensible information of the process and should guide us to design all the tasks involving it.

But there is an even more important key concept the Analyst should discover and keep always in mind: the value that the process has for the company. It’s not the same to model or implement a process that works individually with small amounts of resources compared to a process that manages or decides about (the application of) large amounts of money.
And that key concept is known by the owner of the process.

Maybe no actor knows that sometimes a rutinary task he does in the scope of an apparently periferic business process ends up in a dashboard that assists the decision making process of whether that business area continues functioning or not. Even a process owner knows his dashboard, but not the processes that feed it with information.
So this kind of information must be carefully taken and analysed together with the owner. This information can also be useful for the client to estimate the ROI that a clever implementation of the processes may have.

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By Rogelio Di Pasquale @ Resolvit International | December 4, 2012

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