Getting Fit for Process – It’s not about the Bike!

Lance Armstrong famously wrote the last part of  this line, and the thrust of below is to think of that expensive enteprise BPM software asset as you would an expensive racing bike or other high end piece of sporting equipment

If not already obvious to your business, reflect on process maturity as you would when you get fit for a seriously long race… like two weeks in France…

Its the people in the business who have to be process-ready, in order to get the most out of those enterprise process software tools. They have to get fit for process, because keeping to the status quo of how they used to do things is just much easier than “training” for process fitness.

Changing most things are hard, and changing processes is even harder. People resist it, because its hard to see the benefit, untill you’ve  done some of the  training, invested the effort and actually seen some results.

It takes a lot of discipline to get out there and just form new habits to get the  mind and body to change the regular activities that get us through the day.

New carbon bike
Business Process Management and Enterprise Content Management that form a core part of consultancy offerings are often strongly associated with technology and large enterprise software vendors because when Process or Content “Race” fit, an organisation can leverage that powerful technology to real business benefits like faster customer on boarding, service delivery etc.

So be careful of buying that shiny new carbon bike (think $$$$ enterprise software tools) and having it hang in the garage like so many do, with the impression that its going to pedal itself over the finish line. Getting a business ready for process maturity and a mature content approach is not something that can happen magically as the technology project closes out and the staff are trained.

So how do you get your business ready for new processes or content management  behaviour? Well just like you should probably get a check up from your doctor (before doing an endurance event) if you are really starting at the beginning, we would advise the same assessement or check up on your business to measure where you  are at.

We often talk of maturity in terms of process in a business, but health would be just as good an analogy. Getting fit starts best with knowing where you are in order to work out what remains to get to where you want to be.

Knowing what race you want to run and by when also helps. Many of the top levels  of process and content maturities are extremely hard to reach for most current orgnisations. Aiming for the middle tier levels still represent a huge  advancement from where most are.

We can’t all shoot for competing in the equivalent of the Tour De France in our businesses, and we may not have the immediate time or the resources to invest in the training and technology required. But most businesses would do well to aim for a better level of fitness around  Process and Content that at least allows them to get on that road up the mountain.







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By Craig Leppan @ Ovations Group | October 2, 2012

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