Bysiness Process Management or Business Process Management?

Definition A: Bysiness process management – the process of working really hard without a clear understanding of how the outcomes contribute to the organization or working in an ineffective manner, following directions that don’t make sense and questioning how this possibly helps the organization.

Definition B: Business process management – a disciplined approach that focuses on effectively and efficiently aligning all aspects of an organization, with the vision of constant process improvement, technological integration and increasing customer value.

Which one would you select, A or B? If you were to ask which definition was preferred, I would assume that most individuals in an organization, from the Board of Directors to the front-line staff would select B. Definition B allows you to look at your organization from a process activity, information input and output, roles and system perspective to:

  • Look outside in at your business from the customer perspective
  • A  method to gain a competitive advantage
  • A method to achieve business evolution
  • A basis to understand the impact of organizational strategies on an organization
  • A basis for technological management
  • A focal point for constructive decision making
  • A way to measure your organizational performance
  • Determine how individual contributors provide value to a process

If definition B is the preferred, why does it seem that there are still a lot of businesses operating under definition A?

Which definition do you support?


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By Kevin Feldhus @ Perficient Inc. | June 20, 2012

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